TWI - twisted wire interconnector - 3D interconnection technology

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TWIs: Long = 4 Bulge x 0.396" 
         Short = 2 Bulge x 0.180"

Based on your specific application, the TWI advantage can provide:

  1. Reduced bare printed circuit board cost
  2. Significant reductions in component and I/O printed circuit board densities
  3. Substantial reductions in printed circuit board size and area resulting in high functional densities
  4. Improved thermal management
  5. Improved response to shock and vibration
  6. Much greater printed circuit board layout flexibility
  7. Simpler board-to-board interconnections using distributed individual TWI rather than concentrated high pin count concepts

The TWI is offered in three wire sizes; 0.005”, 0.010” & 0.015”.  Depending upon your application the TWI can be manufactured in lengths up to 2.000”.  Please review the “Twisted Wire Interconnector Specification” below to configure for your specific application. 


Twisted Wire Interconnector Specifications


Wire Diameter Bulge Diameter Bulge Length Via Diameter*
0.005" 0.010" 0.025" 0.008"
0.010" 0.020" 0.050" 0.018"
0.015" 0.030" 0.075" 0.028"
Note* "Via Diameter" is the finished plated through-hole recommended by MTLLC

The Process Steps




Electrical Characteristics