TWI - twisted wire interconnector - 3D interconnection technology

Our Technology

Double Sided PCBs Assembled with TWIs
[Stack Thickness = 0.396”/4 PCB Layers]


The Twisted Wire Interconnect is very simple by design; the material consists of BeCu multi-filament that has been gold-plated to provide superior electrical interconnection.  The physical construction comprises the multi-filament brought together and stranded into a 1 x 6 wire configuration.

The spooled wire is then introduced to the TWI-2100 manufacturing system that forms the interconnect bulges precisely along the length of the stranded wire.  The TWI-2100 is a fully automated high volume system that can produce a typical four bulge (4 I/O) configuration within 1.5 seconds.  As they are being manufactured, the TWI’s are then singulated into a cartridge system that provides seamless introduction to the assembly system downstream.

The TWI provides the industry with a major breakthrough in solderless, high density, true Z-axis interconnect.  Medallion has developed a novel way to interconnect electronics using the patented TWI.  The method greatly improves upon traditional circuit board construction by converting complex multi-layer circuit boards to a series of simple, inexpensive, double-sided boards.  The process is simple and can be utilized in any design where multiple PCBs require interconnection between each other.